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$ 9.99

This word study book for first grade offers creative ways for students to learn and retain essential language arts skills. Interactive Notebooks: Word Study for first grade provides hands-on activities for the following concepts: vowel teams, blends and digraphs, syllables, inflectional endings, and long and short vowels.

Personalize learning and encourage independent thinking with interactive notebooks!

Set up and maintain a hands-on learning process with Interactive Notebooks: Word Study for first grade. This comprehensive word study workbook helps you reinforce effective note taking by allowing students to create personalized portfolios that they can reference throughout the school year. With the help of this series, students learn about summarizing, color-coding, and organizing as they develop essential language arts skills.

Available for kindergarten to fifth grade, the Interactive Notebooks: Word Study series focuses on the following word study skills: syllabication, phonics, and word parts. Each 96-page workbook includes lesson plans, a teacher's guide, reproducibles for creating notebook pages on a variety of topics, and generic reproducibles for creating additional notebook pages.