Shipping & Returns Policy

Our Shipping and Returns Policy for Education Materials

All sellers on Pass the Apple are responsible for shipping the educational supplies that they have listed on the website. Sellers also have the option of offering items available for local pickup. For example, a large item like an easel might not be feasible to ship, so you might wish to offer it as a pickup only sale.

When you post any teaching materials for sale on the site, you should include your expected shipping cost in the price of the item. By offering shipping, you will be responsible for shipping your sold listing. This includes selecting the appropriate shipping partner. We suggest USPS Flat Rate Shipping because it offers: one rate to any state, no weighing or calculating needed up to 70 lbs., fast domestic service so buyers receive their item in 1-3 business days and prices begin as low as $6.45. Just pick what size box you need and add it to your consignment price (ex. $20.00 + $6.45 for shipping = Asking Price: $26.45) It's just that easy!

Determining your shipping costs and assessing a fair price is the responsibility of the seller. Keep in mind that the goal of Pass the Apple is to make education materials available to teachers at affordable prices.

When a person purchases teaching supplies that you have listed on Pass the Apple, you are responsible for packing and shipping that item within three business days of the sale. Items that take longer than five business days to ship are subject to cancellation. Failure to pack and ship an item within the specified timeframe could hinder you from selling more items on Pass the Apple in the future.

Return Policy

When the buyer receives an item, they have a period of 48 hours to initiate the return process and request a refund. Please note that Pass the Apple is not responsible if a buyer accidentally purchases the incorrect item. Items that have been modified, tampered with, or damaged by the buyer will not qualify for a refund.

If you would like to return an item, send a return request to Your request should include:

  1. The reason you’d like to return the item
  2. Your Pass the Apple order number, listed in your order confirmation email
  3. A phone number where you can be reached

In most cases, the buyer will be responsible for all shipping charges on returned items. If, however, Pass the Apple finds that the seller misrepresented the item, sent the wrong item, or that the item was damaged in transport, the seller will then become responsible for the cost of return shipping.

When Pass the Apple receives your return request, we will review your claim and send a return authorization number via email within 48 hours. Pass the Apple reserves the right to assess additional return fees on items that have been damaged or that have lost value during the purchase and return process.

Once your return is complete, a refund of the purchase amount minus any charges for which you are responsible will be credited to your account.

Please note that the 48 hour return policy does not apply to local pickups. It is the responsibility of the buyer to thoroughly examine any items that they are picking up locally and they must reject the items at the time of pickup. Buyers cannot take items with them for further inspection. They must also email us immediately at to let us know that they did not take the items. We will then initiate a refund of the total payment amount after we receive confirmation of refusal from the seller. Please note that returns will not be allowed after the item has been picked up.


If you would like to cancel an order made on Pass the Apple, please contact as soon as possible. You may cancel any item that has not yet been scheduled for delivery or that has not yet been shipped by the seller.

The seller is responsible for shipping any purchased items within a maximum of five business days of the order. In most cases, sellers should ship purchased items within three business days. Therefore, if you would like to cancel a purchase, you must do so as quickly as possible. Once an item has shipped, it is no longer possible to cancel that order.

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