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$ 29.99

Set of 10 acrylic paint splat shapes includes 6 primary and secondary colors (red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple), 1 clear and 3 opaque colors (black, white and double-sided mirror). Measures approximately 5.9" diameter. Ideal for use on a light panel/illuminated surface for light and color exploration.

• Made from acrylic, these colored shapes are scratch-resistant and strong. They're a great home or classroom resource for learning color!
• Unique shape for color mixing. The extended arms on these splat shapes are perfect for overlapping on each other to create new colors.
• A brilliant light panel accessory. Use the colorful, transparent splats to investigate light and color for an even-better sensory experience!
• A fun way to learn colors and explore the world through a colored lens! Kids love holding these perfectly shaped pieces up to their eyes to see a different colored perspective.