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Semi-Moist Washable Watercolor Set, 8 Colors Per Set, 6 Sets

$ 20.16
Kids love to get creative with color, but parents want to keep the color where it belongs and easily remove it where it doesn't! Designed to create less mess, these non-toxic watercolor paints are formulated to wash clean from skin and clothing. Crayola Washable Watercolor paint provide aspiring artists with a palette of eight classic colors to paint bright works of art. Kids will love mixing and blending colors to create even more color possibilities. Crayola Washable Watercolor paint contains 30 percent more paint than the next retail competitor, so children can paint pictures and enjoy their watercolor paint even longer. Crayola art supplies and activities help children express, create, and connect through colorful play. Each set includes 8-Pan Crayola Washable Watercolor paint and paintbrush in a plastic case. Sold as a pack of 6 sets.

Key Features :

Crayola Washable Watercolor paint offers the brightest watercolor painting experience--without the mess!
Washable Watercolor paint blends smoothly for more color-mixing possibilities.
Specially formulated to wash easily from skin and fabrics.
Non-Toxic. Paintbrush included.
Each set includes 8 colors and a paintbrush.
Sold as 6 sets.