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Science Lessons and Investigations, Grade 2

$ 23.99
This teacher's edition for Science Lessons and Investigations comes with useful resources and materials for getting second graders excited about science. Over the course of 14 comprehensive units, students will discover thrilling facts about plants, animals, the Earth, and more. Plus, they'll get to learn how to apply science topics in real life through a series of hands-on investigative activities in the classroom. Core subject areas and topics include: Life Science: What Do Plants Need to Grow? How Do Animals Help Plants? How Do Animals Pollinate Plants? How Many Things Live in One Place? Earth Science: How and When Does Earth Change? How Do Wind and Water Change the Shape of the Land? How Do Maps Show Land and Bodies of Water? Where Is Water on Earth? Physical Science: What Is Matter? What's the Best Material to Use? What Can These Pieces Make? What Happens When You Heat or Cool Something? Science: How Does Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling Help Earth? What Do Scientists Study?