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Primary Composition Book, Spiral Bound, D'Nealian-Zaner-Bloser, 5-8" x 5-16" x 5-16" Picture Story Ruled, 9-3-4" x 7-1-2", 100 Sheets, Pack of 6

$ 24.54
These hard cover books help track students handwriting progress. Colorful distinctive covers make it easy to find the grade level and ruling you are looking for. Inside front cover is printed with the alphabet. Rulings conform to D'Nealian® (Grade K); Zaner-Bloser™ (Grade 1) handwriting styles. Book contains 100 sheets or 200 pages. Ruling: 5/8". Dotted Midline: 5/16". Skip Space: 5/16". Picture Story Space: 4.5". Measures 9.75" x 7.5". Sold as a pack of 6 books.