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$ 57.36
As required by the Common Core State Standards, Rising Readers steadily increase in reading level complexity while integrating nonfiction and fiction content instruction. Matching interactive CD-ROM available for every print book! Customized teacher/parent tips and after-reading activities included with each book or CD-ROM. For comprehensive literacy instruction using one standards-based title, use the Rising Readers books for small-group lessons and use the interactive whiteboard CD-ROM for whole-group lessons. Rising Readers are the perfect transition between Newmark Learning's Sight Word Readers and Jump into Genre Leveled Books for Grades 2-3!

Books: Children will love the gorgeous photos or illustrations, fun topics, and BONUS comprehension skills and sight word activities included in every book. Science, Math, Social Studies, and Nursery Rhyme books available.

CD-ROMs: Turn literacy instruction into a multimedia adventure! Interactive CD-ROMs for whiteboards or computers motivate students to learn core content and literacy skills. Ideal for whole-group lessons on whiteboards or in pairs on a computer. Interactive features include: window shades to hide and reveal text or images, built-in pen tools, and self-correcting grammar & writing, vocabulary, and comprehension skills activity pages. Each CD-ROM comes with a customized teacher's guide and mini-book. Works on ANY brand of whiteboard, PC, or MAC!