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Multi-Colored Children's Chalk, 12 Per Box, 36 Boxes

$ 34.53
Kids can choose from six vibrant Crayola Chalk colors to draw on chalkboards and various paper surfaces. The bright colors show up particularly well on dark and colored surfaces. Kids can practice writing and drawing on chalkboards, as well as construction paper, cardboard, craft paper and even brown paper bags. The smooth chalk sticks resist breaking and scratching or skipping on art surfaces. Each box includes 12 sticks of chalk 2 each in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet. Sold as 36 boxes for a total of 432 chalk pieces.

Key Features :

Assorted colored chalk for use on children's chalkboards and other surfaces
Strong, consistent formula resists breaking, scratching or skipping
Bright colors show up brilliantly on dark and colored surfaces
Each stick is 3-1/8" long by 3/8" in diameter
Writes smoothly, erases easily from chalkboards
Sold as 36 boxes for a total of 432 chalk pieces.