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$ 15.99
Students will love becoming math detectives!

Players earn points for solving math mysteries in these entertaining and educational games. In each round, players read about a crime committed, and each player receives a suspect's alibi. Players must determine whether the math in their suspect's alibi is correct or not. If the math is correct, the suspect is innocent — if the math is incorrect, the suspect is guilty. Players are required to use multiple grade-level math skills to solve the crimes.

Skills covered: Multiplication/Division; Fractions/Decimals/Percentages; Ratios; Prime/Composite Numbers; Prime Factorization; Place Value; Law of Distributivity; Commutative Property; Inverse Operation; Variables; Geometric Shapes; Angles; Measurement; Area and Perimeter; Unit Conversions; Data: Observation/Conjecture; Mean/Mode/Median; Probability.

·Each game includes 50 math mysteries

·For 2—4 players

·Set of 200 cards and directions