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Magnetic Dry Erase Learning Mat, Two-Sided XY Axis-Plain, 9" x 12", Pack of 48

$ 109.47
Two-sided, XY Axis Dry Erase Learning Mats are great for teaching and practicing mathematics fundamentals. The bright white sheets have bold blue lines separating the mat into quadrants, each 14 squares by 10 squares. Total grid is 28 squares by 20 squares. Individual squares measure 3/8" x 3/8". The back side is plain white dry erase with a blue border. Both sides of the learning mats are magnetic receptive allowing for use with magnetic manipulatives. The mats feature a high-quality, non-ghosting write-and-wipe surface with smooth, rounded edges and corners. Each sheet measures 9" x 12". Each pack includes 48 individual mats.

Key Features :

Plastic coating with bold XY Axis on one side and a plain thin blue border on the other
High quality magnetic surface wipes clean
Set of 48 mats measuring 9" x 12"
Double sided dry erase surface
Lightweight and easy to store
Economical alternative to hardbacked dry erase boards