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Let's Write and Wipe Numbers

$ 16.99
1,2,3… Count with us to 10! These educational write-on, wipe-off cards feature 56 pages, providing lots of creative and stimulating tasks. Curious preschoolers will be delighted to scribble freely and play over and over, while improving their knowledge about numbers. But most importantly, they'll have great fun! Various types of activities invite kids to engage in graphomotor exercises such as: tracing lines, connecting dots, drawing in missing elements or reproducing shapes. They allow kids to develop perceptiveness, greater awareness of their surroundings, train concentration and the proper grip for writing. Creative play will bring future benefits – scribbling trains the imagination and boosts creativity, which has a positive effect on learning and memory. A handy format with a practical string binding allows you to use the cards anywhere: at home, kindergarten and on the go.

Key Features :

Write-on wipe-off format ensures endless fun
Engages kids in graphomotor tasks and develops their fine motor skills
Graphomotor exercises train concentration, perseverance and the proper grip for writing
Develops logical thinking and visual memory
Great way to boost imagination and creativity
Great practice for skills that are essential to writing, reading and counting