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FunPlay Rainbow Pebbles - Homeschool Kit for Kids - 36 Sorting and Stacking Toys + 50 Activities + Messy Tray

$ 36.99
Inspire construction and creativity with this early learning activity set. Encourage visual perception, sorting, counting, sequencing, stacking for preschool and kindergarten students! This educational toy includes 36 plastic pebbles in 6 sizes and colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and gray), 25 double-sided activity cards and 1 Messy Tray. Perfect for sensory bins and at-home learning, the wonderful tactile experience of the smooth, rubbery pebbles in six different colors will delight the senses. This kindergarten math kit also teaches early counting, addition and subtraction. As children create with the pebbles, they will sort, sequence and improve language skills. Size of pebbles: 1"L x 0.75"W x 0.25"H - 3.25"L x 2"W x 0.5"H. | For ages 3+.

Key Features :

INCLUDES 36 PEBBLES, 50 ACTIVITIES & MESSY TRAY -- 36 grippy pebbles in 6 sizes and colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and gray. Also includes 25 double-sided activity cards and 1 Messy Tray.
HELP THEM IMPROVE FOCUS -- Let kids practice their focused attention skills. Create 10-minute activity stations around the home with this home learning kit and other titles in our FunPlay range!
EARLY MATH FOR AGES 3+ -- Young minds will love this educational toy as they count, sort, build, add and subtract. Use it as a teaching aid to guide children on the path to school readiness!
EXTENDED TRAY OPTIONS -- Our Fun2 Play Infinite Black mini tuff tray (product #66115) pairs with 4 FunPlay Messy Trays. You can create an entire learning station!
TEACH STEM AT HOME -- These grippy plastic pebbles are perfect to stack and develop fine motor skills. Use this kindergarten kit to make shapes or teach children counting and sorting.
TACTILE AND SENSORY PLAY -- Throw some pebbles in a sensory bin with dirt, rice, sand or water! Children are fascinated by these stacking stones' bright colors, odd shapes and warm feel.