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Fruits And Veggies Border, 36 Feet Per Pack, 6 Packs

$ 35.94
Teach healthy eating to children with the Hygloss Classroom Fruits & Veggies Border, and have your students flock to their refrigerators to eat tasty red apples, or crunchy green cucumbers as soon as they get home from school. These classroom borders have rows of yummy blueberries, grapes, bananas and other fruits, as well as rows of sliced mushrooms, fresh string beans, peas and more, to help you teach your students about the great qualities of nature's fruits and vegetables. Strips measure 3" x 36". Each pack includes 12 strips, 6 each of fruits and vegetables, for a total of 36 feet of border. Sold as 6 packs for a total of 216 feet of border.