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Dowling Magnets Magic Penny Magnet Kit 25th Anniversary Edition

$ 29.99
Dowling Magnets Magic Penny Magnet Kit 25th Anniversary Edition – Bring the Magic of Magnets to Life! Awe-Inspiring Gift for Curious Minds Ages 8-99. PERFORM 46 ASTOUNDING FEATS OF MAGNETISM: Use two super strong magnets, 35 custom coins of varying diameters, and a guide with step-by-step instructions, helpful images, scientific explanations, and fun magnet facts to build gravity defying sculptures, pyramids, and more! HOURS OF EDUCATIONAL FUN: Providing hours of entertainment and a different experience every time you pick it up, Magic Penny makes a cool present for boys, girls, teens, and adults. SCIENCE IN MOTION: Incorporate STEM and STEAM principles while playfully exploring magnetic forces, motion, stability, geometry, art, and design. Provides hands-on experience with shapes, positions, planes, symmetry, and more. UNLEASH CREATIVITY: Once they've completed the activities in the booklet, your young scientist/artist can explore their imaginative side by creating their own coin patterns and structures. UNPLUGGED PLAY: Step away from the screens and engage your kids with challenging activities that build self-confidence, support science and math skills, and encourage curiosity.