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Doodle Lightbulbs EZ Border, 48 Feet, 3 Packs

$ 20.97
Trim your bulletin boards with this "bright" Doodle Lightbulbs Border. These little lightbulbs are perfect to bring attention and color to bulletin boards highlighting student work, important announcements, or essential content for students to know. Strips measure 3" x 24". Each pack includes 24 strips (48 feet). Sold as 3 packs for a total of 72 strips (144 feet). Use this doodle lightbulbs border to create fun bulletin boards with these headlines: "Let your light shine" (to promote self-esteem), "Our electrifying classroom" (to highlight a science lesson or positive classroom community), "We can light the world with_____ " (fill in with a character trait such as kindness, compassion, etc. to create a display focused on character education), "Good Study Skills Lead to Bright Futures" (to create a student-centered board with ideas on how students' actions in school can lead to school success), "Watt's Happening" (to create a bulletin board focused on important events or topics in the classroom), or "We can save watts and watts" (to create an environment-themed bulletin board about how students can impact their environment by conserving energy).