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Butterfly Pavilion® Growing Kit

$ 39.99
A truly one-of-a-kind opportunity, this kit gives students, families, and children a glimpse into the amazing world of nature. Be prepared to observe fascinating changes every day. This project will bring students and/or families together to share the wonder of metamorphosis and to enjoy a really fun experience! A great opportunity for social learning. Includes: • 2-foot tall mesh, pop-up habitat, for perfect butterfly viewing • Feeding dropper • Voucher to redeem online at for two cups of 10 live caterpillars (5 caterpillars in each cup) with all the food they need. Please note that an additional shipping fee is required when you redeem your voucher. See shipment location restrictions below. • Two Chrysalis Holding Logs (these arrive with your caterpillar shipment) • Parent and teacher-friendly instructions • STEM Butterfly Journal with lots of fun learning activities! • 6 caterpillars are guaranteed to develop into adult butterflies. The entire transformation takes about 3 weeks. *Please note: This kit does NOT contain live insects. Your insects will arrive after you have redeemed the enclosed voucher. Due to insect shipping restrictions, this item cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.