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Bouncin' Baby Roos

$ 24.99
Can you help these baby roos get home? Use this cute and captivating game to practice counting, turn-taking, hand-eye coordination and more! In one game mode, take turns bouncing baby roos into mama's pouch until the 30-second timer runs out. The player who bounces the most baby roos into mother's pouch wins! Increase the level of difficulty using the second game mode, Dodge the Dingos, by placing the 3 dingo blocks in front of the mama roo. For 2-4 players. Includes: 1 mama roo with opening pouch, 10 baby roo balls, 1 baby roo corral, 1 30-second sand timer, 3 dingo blocks and instructions. For ages 5+.

Key Features :

HOP INTO FAMILY GAME NIGHT-Can you help these baby Roos hop home? Practice hand eye coordination, counting, communication and more with this simple, fast-paced party game!
HOW TO PLAY-Bounce the baby Roo ping pong balls into Mama's pouch until the 30-second timer runs out. Whoever bounces the most baby Roos into the pouch wins!
2 DIFFICULTY LEVELS-For an added challenge, place the 3 Dingo blocks in front of the Mama Roo. You'll need to be precise with your bounces!
ROOM FOR 2-4 PLAYERS-With room for 2-4 players, this board game is perfect for game night!
SIMPLE AND ADDICTIVE! Just open the pouch, pass out the balls and start the timer. With such a simple setup, you'll have plenty of time for just one more game!
EASY SETUP AND CLEANUP- The Mama Roo's pouch is attached to the box. And all the other components fit perfectly inside the box for quick cleanup and setup.