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Blue Premium Corrugated Plastic Study Carrel, Pack of 24

$ 223.12
Premium Corrugated Plastic Study Carrels are made from durable, lightweight corrugated plastic. Rounded corners are safe for use with children. These study carrels are superior to less rigid competitor products. When looking for a study carrel that can be used twice as long as our corrugated paper study carrels, you have found it! Ideal for reinforcing social distancing within the classroom. Acts as a sneeze and cough shield* and can be wiped clean with disinfectant wipes easily. This product does not prevent disease or infection. Each pack includes 24 carrels.

Key Features :

Focus & Privacy - Study carrels help keep students' eyes on their own work
Sneeze & Cough Shielding - Acts as a sneeze and cough shield
Easy-to-clean - Wipes clean easily with disinfectant wipes and sprays
Eco-friendly - Corrugated plastic study carrels 100% recyclable
Multiple Uses - Can be used for voting booths, testing, student offices, and more!
Easy-to-store - Folds flat for storage