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$ 9.99

Set up and maintain hands-on learning in language arts with an interactive word study book for second grade. Interactive Notebooks: Word Study for second grade offers your students creative ways to take notes on concepts such as: contractions, sight words, vowel teams, and blends and digraphs. This comprehensive word study workbook aligns with current state standards.

Teach and reinforce effective note taking and organization with Interactive Notebooks: Word Study for second grade. The series encourages students to create a personalized language arts portfolio to fit their own learning needs. Once students complete activities and fill the pages, they can reference their notebooks throughout the year. The series focuses on color-coding, organizing, and summarizing while students learn essential language arts skills.

The Interactive Notebooks series spans kindergarten to fifth grade. Each 96-page book is aligned to current state standards and contains a guide for teachers who are new to interactive note taking. The workbooks also include lesson plans, reproducibles for creating notebook pages on specific topics, and generic reproducibles for creating additional pages. This Word Study series focuses on skills such as: phonics, syllabication, and word parts.