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UV Sanitation Cabinet, Small

$ 430.38
The UV Cabinet is a desktop disinfection device, offering simple operation and compact dimensions. Its application is for the UVC disinfection of small tools and objects. The device contains two internal UVC lamps and reflectors. The device's disinfection efficiency is up to 99%. Instruments and tools are disinfected of germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. In consideration of health and safety, the device automatically shuts down when the cover is opened. Specifications: • Dimensions: 20.50"L x 16"H x 16"D • Two built-in 254 nm UV lamps • 30-minute timer • Weight: 31 Ibs • Safety feature that will prevent the UV light from operating unless the doors are closed and latched properly • Two removable easy to clean shelves made of Stainless Steel • All components used are UL approved