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Sun Classic Accents®, 36 Per Pack, 3 Packs

$ 20.97
Bring out the sun in a big, bold way! Brighten displays, word walls, centers, lockers, and announcements. Use for patterning & sequencing, flash cards, student grouping, and crafts. Handy, versatile & fun! 5.5" tall, precut & ready to use. Durable & reusable. Each pack includes 36 pieces. Sold as 3 packs for a total of 108 pieces.

Key Features :

Shine some solar power on displays, announcements, and student work! Precut and ready to use.
Plenty of room on front for student names, jobs, data, or news. Space on back for messages and more.
Endless uses! Postcards and invitations, flashcards and game pieces, goal setting and charting.
Diecut with durable cardstock. Long-lasting and reusable. 5.5" - 6" tall.
Durable and reusable, made from sturdy cardstock.
36 per pack, sold as 3 packs, 108 accents total.