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SmartFlip® ELA Common Core Reference Guides make creating and customizing lessons and assessments aligned to the Common Core a breeze! Each standard has been broken down into achievable objectives, giving teachers explicit, clear explanations of what students need to know, followed by question stems and prompts specific to each standard that can be used to help teachers differentiate and customize their lessons and tests, rather than relying on "one size fits all" materials. With over 700 standard-specific question stems to choose from, SmartFlip® ELA Common Core Reference Guides will help teachers easily create lessons and tests, integrating the syntax and exposing students to the rigor of the Common Core, and giving students ample opportunity to practice and apply their knowledge. SmartFlip® ELA Common Core Reference Guides empower teachers to create and adapt their own materials to meet student needs, teaching them to read deeper, write clearer, learn more, and ultimately, do a better job at testing as they become more familiar with the terminology and rigor of the Common Core. Available for grades 3-12.

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