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Science Lessons and Investigations, Grade 1

$ 23.99
In Science Lessons and Investigations, first graders get to study and observe a variety of topics over the course of 14 comprehensive science units. As they build upon prior knowledge and experience, students will gain a better understanding of important science concepts. This resource helps teachers guide young learners through each unit and provides inspired ideas for hands-on activities and experiments. Core subject areas and topics include: Life Science: How Do Animals Use Their Body Parts? What Parts Do Plants Have and What Do They Do? How Do Body Parts Help Animals Grow and Survive? Do Animals Have Babies? Do Plants Have Babies? Are Young Animals and Plants Exactly Like Their Parents? Do Animals from the Same Species Always Look the Same? Do All Roses Look the Same? Earth Science: Can We Predict Patterns for the Sun, Moon, and Stars? Can We Predict the Pattern of the Seasons? Physical Science: What Happens When Materials Vibrate? What Happens When There Is No Light? Where Do Shadows Come From? How Do We Communicate Over Long Distances?