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S.F.® 4® Premium Staples, 1-4" Length, 210 Per Strip, 5000 Per Box, 6 Boxes

$ 33.33
Get the best stapling performance from your Standard Stapler with industry leading S.F. 4 staples. Each box includes 5000 staples. Sold as 6 packs for a total of 30000 staples. Swingline S.F.4 Premium Staples are designed for use in most full strip staplers--although their performance is anything but standard. These superior staples ensure confident stapling with every use. S.F. 4 staples are the smart, reliable choice for your trusty desktop stapler. These staples are cutting edge. S.F.4 Premium Staples are precision engineered with a unique chisel point that allows them to effortlessly pierce through papers and make stapling a breeze. Their chisel point also prevents frustrating and time consuming staple jams, so stapling remains worry-free. It’s what’s inside that counts. When you load your stapler with S.F.® 4® Premium Staples, you’re making the smart choice to ensure your stapler performs its best. In fact, these staples are proven to have 75% fewer misforms than comparable staples, which allows your stapler to work at peak performance with every use.

Key Features :

Swingline S.F.4 Premium Staples are designed to deliver high performance stapling with most standard size staplers
Precision engineered chisel point reduces the risk of frustrating jams and effortlessly pierces through papers
Proven to have 75% fewer misforms than comparable staples for worry-free stapling
Standard 1/4" leg length is ideal for most staple jobs
Each strip of 210 staples perfectly fits a full size stapler. Use with our most popular models
Reusable box to keep staples neatly stored