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Rubber Bands, Assorted Sizes, Black, 2 oz.-56.70 g Per Pack, 12 Packs

$ 25.68
These rubberbands are made of natural rubber. Black in color and includes sizes large, medium and small. Great tool for banks, retail stores, restaurants and shipping departments. Comes with a variety of sizes and shapes for all of your binding needs. Perfect for practical everyday use or even for more creative ideas like rubber band balls or tie dying shirts. Keep your documents, folders, bills, business cards, small books and files organized in office. Bind pens, markers, letters, kitchen items, garage items or computer cords at home. The elastic rubber bands can be removed easily and reused. Reliable strength that lasts over time. Also can use rubber bands on hangers to stop clothes from falling off. Each pack includes 2 oz. of rubber bands. Sold as 12 packs for a total of 24 oz. of rubber bands.