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Math Skills Student Kit, Grade 4

$ 36.99
Designed for individual students, these kits include hands-on resources AND dozens of digital activities to keep every student on track. Each kit features grade-level appropriate math manipulatives as well as innovative activities that provide instruction using these tools. Use in the classroom with students who need additional support. Or use in after-school or summer school settings. Additionally, parents will also be able to support their children with these activities for at-home learning. Access digital activities through the link included in each kit. Each kit packaged in a sturdy, plastic container. Includes: • Centimeter Cubes, set of 100 • Plastic Pattern Blocks, set of 50 • Place Value Slider, Ones to Millions • Dot Dice, set of 2 • Fraction Tile Number Line Set, 55 pieces • 100-Bead Number Line • Base Ten Blocks, 1 hundred flat, 10 ten rods, & 100 unit cubes • Geostix, set of 80 • 24 Activities (72 pages)