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Letters & Sounds - Teaching Kit

$ 83.22
This value kit includes 6 letters and sounds activity workbooks (one for each phase), 50 magnetic letter activities, 50 letters and sounds activities, 44 sound cards and my first 100 words. All resources have been designed to support teaching across the common core and cover key topics including: phonemic awareness, letter sounds, phonics, blends, vowel sounds and spelling. The 50 Letters & Sounds activities guide you through along with comprehensive manual. Come with free tray for easy storage. Represents excellent value. A comprehensive classroom resource. Comes with a free tray for easy storage. Includes: 6 x Letters and Sounds Workbooks (Phase 1 - Phase 6) 1 x 50 Magnetic Letters Activities 1 x 50 Letters and Sounds Activities 1 x My First 100 Words 1 x 44 Sound Cards