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In History Pockets—Ancient Civilizations, Grades 1—3, you'll find seven memorable discovery pockets. An introduction pocket gives an overview of the time periods studied. The other pockets focus on the food, shelter, clothing, and contributions of six ancient worlds.The book includes the following pockets: What Is History?--map, time line, picture dictionary, Ancient Mesopotamia--city-states, ziggurats, Hanging Gardens, Ancient Egypt--pharaohs, life on the Nile River, The Great Pyramid, Ancient Greece--the agora, at the theater, the Parthenon, Ancient Rome--laurel wreaths, triumphal arch, the Colosseum, Ancient China--dancing dragons, paper lanterns, The Great Wall, Ancient Aztec World--calendar, feather fans, The Great Temple. In each of the pockets, you will find the following: a reproducible pocket label, four picture dictionary words, a fact sheet of background information for the teacher, a reproducible student information booklet complete with illustrations, a postcard of a famous monument, two puppets to show the clothing , arts and crafts projects, plus writing activities. As a culminating activity, the students put together a passport of all the places they have visited. This passport gives students a chance to reflect on all they have learned.

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