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Extreme Science Kit, Big Cats of the World

$ 19.99
Extreme Big Cats of the World is ideal for creative and scientific young minds! Children can build and customize their own life-size baby Snow Leopard and mother's paw. Children can also assemble a detailed timber model of a tiger, the most powerful big cat. Build and decorate a mountain-themed diorama and hang up the included themed-poster! Children will learn about the evolution of the big cat family, extreme cat ancestors and how big cats have adapted to their environments! This science kit includes safe, high-quality ingredients and a full-color education and instruction booklet which includes detailed, step-by-step illustrations. Perfect for science fairs and class projects! Includes: Snow Leopard molds, diorama, 3D Tiger Wooden Puzzle, poster, beaker, Plaster of Paris, acrylic paints, paintbrush, instruction booklet and safety leaflet.