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Foster a love of reading and help your child get ready for kindergarten. Your child will enjoy the illustrated stories and activities, which are related to the rainforest and rainforest animals. You will appreciate the engaging language, math, and alphabet card activities that teach basic readiness skills.

Early Bird: Rainforest includes:

· Three colorful storybooks: Walk in the Rainforest, Up into the Rainforest, and Rainforest Animals. Your child can read the story aloud or listen to you read the story to him or her. The interesting topics and illustrations motivate children to read!
· Fun activities that provide age-appropriate practice of language, math, and fine motor skills. After each story, the activity pages help your child show what he or she learned and practice fundamental skills. Sample skills include: rhyming; auditory and visual discrimination; color words; counting to 20; matching; graphing; measurement
· Rhymes and chants to help your child learn new vocabulary
· Theme-based alphabet cards with games. The flashcards can be cut and sorted to play fun matching games with your child. Hands-on activities further help your child learn letters and their sounds.
· Answer key

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