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$ 110.40 

When you want the best you want Rhino Skin®. Rhino Skin® balls feature a tough coating over a durable foam core. The ORIGINAL, non-sting coating is designed and made in Sweden and is so durable, it is virtually tear-proof! The Rhino Skin® patented coating provides better performance than traditionally constructed balls, offering ease of play that is excellent for all age groups. Why settle for a substitute when you can have Rhino Skin® - the best brand on the market! For top performance, choose our specially designed foam balls that offer a tear-proof and safe play experience for a multitude of games. Our 6" low bounce dodgeball features our high tech Rhino Skin® non-sting coating that is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.
· 6.3" diameter
· Ball weight: 83 gr
· Foam density: 28kg/m3
· Low-density foam core
· Recommended age: 10 years and up
· Neon Blue Set of 6

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