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Second Grade is on the horizon and young learners will have fun preparing for it with Daily Summer Activities, Moving from First to Second Grade. The many exercises it contains, while brief, add just the right amount of complexity to keep children challenged. As someone who has already tried the series said: "Daily Summer Activities helps our students use what they have learned and prepares them for success in the coming school year." — Elementary School Principal, Greeley, CO . Specific content in this volume includes: a fiction and a nonfiction story with comprehension questions each week, sentences to correct for capitalization, punctuation, and grammar, 6 spelling words to learn each week, mathematics practice—addition and subtraction facts, word problems, counting, two-digit addition and subtraction, without borrowing and carrying, language skills such as alphabetical order, contractions, nouns and verbs, synonyms and antonyms, vowel sounds, beginning geography--map symbols and reading simple maps, manuscript handwriting practice, creative writing activities. Topics like "Hayride" and "How Long Is the Lizard?" challenge students to take in information being presented and review it by answering pertinent questions. They'll count to one hundred by fives, color the land and water masses on a map of the Earth, and even learn from the loss of a baby tooth. The practice cards for Daily Summer Activities, Moving from First to Second Grade are for the addition and subtraction facts from 10 to 18. The plentiful color and black & white illustrations in this book are cute and clever, with just enough detail to keep this age group intrigued. Even the answer keys are colorful. All 144 pages, plus eight flash card pages (printed on durable card stock), are perforated for easy removal.

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