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$ 18.38

Each antiseptic pad is saturated with 0.133% Benzalkonium Chloride to help prevent infection in minor cuts, burns and scrapes. The wipes can also be used as a substitute for cleaning skin without the use of soap and water. The plastic adhesive bandages are ideal for minor cuts, abrasions and puncture wounds. Made with a pliable plastic, each bandage is ventilated to aid in the natural healing process. They effectively protect scrapes and cuts while the non-stick pad absorbs drainage. The breathable backing repels water and dirt. The single use topical antibiotic ointment packets help to prevent infection in minor cuts scrapes and burns. The BZK Antiseptic Wipes and Antibiotic Ointment come in individual, single use packets. This wound care kit serves as a clean, treat and protect option all in one.