Acrylic Paint Pots - 16 Colors


$ 7.83 $ 8.99


Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint Pots - 16 Colors. Perfect for any craft project, these paints have a creamy consistency, excellent coverage and easy clean-up. They are waterbased, fast-drying, non-toxic and are suitable for use on a wide variety of hard surfaces, wood, paper mache, primed metal, plaster, resin and bisque. The complete pack includes painting tips, brush and handy mixing tray. Colors: White, crocus yellow, pumpkin, bright red, lisa pink, raspberry, lavender, purple, navy blue, ocean reef blue, blue heaven, turquoise, jubilee green, green isle, spice brown, and black Dries to the touch in 20-30 minutes Conforms to ASTM D 4236