Butterfly Garden Set with 5 Caterpillars

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Butterfly metamorphosis is more exciting than ever with this Butterfly Garden by Insect Lore. The perfect addition to your learning environment. This enchanting educational kit includes everything you need to raise beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. It comes with a cup of 5 caterpillars and everything they need to grow from caterpillar to butterfly. Feed and observe your very own beautiful butterflies for a few days before releasing them into the wild! The entire transformation takes about three weeks, depending on the temperature and humidity in your area. There is no need to feed your caterpillars; all the nutritious food they need to become beautiful butterflies is included in their cozy cup. The adorable flower-shaped butterfly feeder doubles as a handy cup holder while you watch your caterpillars grow to ten times their original size! Once your caterpillars become chrysalides, its time to move them to their airy mesh habitat - perfect for butterfly viewing! Use the feeding pipette to place delicious sugar water, or nectar, on the sponge in the butterfly feeder; your butterflies will thank you:-) Complete instructions are included with your kit. The Butterfly Garden Gift Set also comes with a packet of Live Butterfly Garden Flower Seeds, specifically chosen because they grow into flowers that attract real butterflies! Beautiful 3D Butterfly stickers are also included; these 2-layer foil stickers let you add glittery butterfly fun to some good journal writing about the process. Also included- a colorful Wind-Up Butterfly. Students love to see how high the rubber band powered butterfly can soar!

Happy Learning!

The Butterfly Garden Set with 5 Caterpillars Includes:

  • One cup of 5 live caterpillars
  • Butterfly Habitat
  • Deluxe Chrysalis Station
  • Rubber band powered paper butterfly
  • Pipet and feeding dish for butterflies
  • 10 3D butterfly stickers
  • Butterfly instruction manual