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More than 100 Multi-Sensory Activities for Short and Long Vowel Word Families. Empower your students to recognize the common chunks or "families" in words and use these to read and spell ne w and multi-syllable vocabulary. A complete 5-day lesson plan provides step-by-step instructions for using the six activities for each word family. Begin with two-letter word families combines with a single consonant, and progress to three-letter word families with single consonants, blends and digraphs. 120 pages. Empower your students' reading and spelling strategies with these motivating multi-sensory activities. Long Vowels teaches the long vowel word families and reinforces short vowel word families with engaging word cards, puzzles, sorting activities, slide cards, and more. 45 word families or chunks are combined with single consonants, 22 blends and 4 digraphs. 96 pages

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