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Help students keep track of their behavior throughout the day and develop personal accountability for their choices with this whole class management tool. This colorful and unique 21-piece set contains 9 pre-printed behavior clip chart pieces, 1 customizable blank behavior clip chart piece, 3 blank labels, 6 desktop behavior clip charts, and 2 motivational messages. Behavior chart includes a different color to indicate each level of behavior management: Outstanding (purple), Excellent Choices (blue), Great Effort (turquoise), Ready to Learn (green), Think About It (yellow), Make Better Choices (orange), Parent Contact (red). The individual behavior card pieces allow you to choose as many or as few levels as you like. The Upcycle Style look of this behavior chart is colorful and creative, yet rustic and modern. Upcycle Style" mixes media" (realistic-looking wood grain, textured paint, fun fabrics, metal accents and more!) for a creative and charming look that will make classrooms feel warm, friendly and inspiring.

Assembled chart measures 6" x 63"
21 pieces
Mini bulletin board set also includes an instructional guide with display ideas and classroom lesson activities.

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