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Terms of Services

 Terms of Service for Educational Supplies and Materials

The following terms of service represent an agreement between Pass the Apple (PTA), LLC, a Virginia company and you, the “User.” By accessing this website,, listing items for sale, purchasing items, or otherwise utilizing the services of Pass the Apple, the User agrees to the terms and conditions outlined below.

Certain services provided by PTA require the creation of a user account. Any data collected during the creation or use of this account may be collected and used internally by PTA. The User is responsible for keeping their account data accurate, current, and secure.

All Users must be at least 18 years of age. Users may not tamper with or interfere with the proper function of any part of the services or applications provided by PTA. Users may not use the PTA website or any associated applications to advertise or solicit, for political or religious purposes, or to directly or indirectly compete with PTA. Users may not use any information or materials provided by PTA for outside commercial purposes or marketing.

Listed Items

Any educational supplies, teaching materials, furniture, or other materials listed for sale on PTA are not the property of PTA. Users who are listing items for sale (“Sellers”) are solely responsible for the accurate depiction and description of listed items. Sellers are also responsible for only listing items that they are legally allowed to sell. Sellers agree not to list items for sale which violate US laws or which they originally obtained using state, federal, or local school funds.

Sellers agree to only list items that are in their current and sole possession. Sellers agree to ship items within three to five business days of purchase. Sellers also agreed to accurately represent any listed items in photographs and written descriptions. Sellers agree to list items at a fair market price which is less than the current estimated retail value. Sellers agree that their payment from any sale shall be 80% of the sale price less any shipping fees, handling fees, payment fees, taxes or duties.

Purchase of Items

Users who purchase items from PTA Sellers agree to do so in good faith. By completing a purchase, Users agree to pay the full purchase price set by the Seller. Users who purchase items acknowledge that they have 48 hours from the time that an item is delivered to initiate a return request. Users who purchase items in person as part of a “local pickup option” agree to make payment through PTA and cede their right to return any locally picked up item.

Use of Materials

By listing an item for sale on PTA, Sellers grant PTA the right to advertise said item on, by electronic mail, post, or by any other means deemed reasonable for the proper marketing and function of PTA.


PTA may at times be subject to technical or other mistakes, inaccuracies, or errors. PTA strives to provide all users with timely service and transparent policies. PTA will act in good faith toward all users and ask that all users do the same. PTA acts as a facilitator for private party purchases of items and services. Any education materials, teaching supplies, or other items purchased through PTA will transfer directly from seller to buyer. PTA does not house any inventory of seller items, nor does PTA have the ability or opportunity to personally examine any items listed for sale on or any associated applications. Users have a responsibility to appropriately research and represent any items purchased or listed for sale.