Seller Guide

Selling items on Pass the Apple is a fast and easy way to earn back some of the money that you’ve invested into your classroom over the years. There are no fees to list items on Pass the Apple. We simply ask that any education materials that you list are in good condition and offered at a discounted price. You can even list items for free if you simply want to get rid of them.

Educational supplies that we would currently like to make available on Pass the Apple include:

  • Used classroom furniture
  • Homeschool materials
  • Preschool teaching supplies
  • K-12 teaching materials

Anything from toys to technology can be appropriate to list. Keep in mind, however, that there are certain items that we are not permitted to sell secondhand due to legal restrictions. These items include crib mattresses, sofas, and stuffed animals. We also reserve the right to decline any item listing request or to request more information before listing an item. This may be due to the quality of the item or simply because we already have too many of that item on hand.

Sellers on Pass the Apple earn 80% of the sale amount. The remaining 20% is our commission, which goes toward maintaining the site and expanding our services. For example, let’s say you want to list a Kindle Fire priced at $90.00. After researching your shipping options, you learn that the *shipping costs would be $10.00. You’ll list the item for a total of $100.00. After Pass the Apple’s commission fee of 20% is deducted from the total, you’ll receive a net payment of $80.00 for the item.

*We suggest USPS Flat Rate Shipping because it offers: one rate to any state, no weighing or calculating needed up to 70 lbs., fast domestic service so buyers receive their item in 1-3 business days and prices begin as low as $6.45. Just pick what size box you need and add it to your consignment price (ex. $20.00 + $6.45 for shipping = Asking Price: $26.45) It's just that easy!

Keep in mind, our goal is to keep our commission rate as low as possible. Standard consignment stores generally take between a 40% and 50% share. We want those funds to stay in the hands of teachers.

You will receive your payment via PayPal approximately two days after the buyer receives their item. This gives the buyer a chance to return the item if it is damaged or has other issues. Please note, you must sign up for a PayPal account in order to receive payment for items that you list.

Item Posting Guidelines

  • Choose items that are relevant and in good condition. They should be things that can be used in school settings safely and effectively.
  • Describe your items as accurately as possible. Make note of any damage and share stories of how the item was used in your classroom. Whenever possible, provide other teachers with tips and advice on how they can use specific items to improve their classrooms.
  • Select 3 appropriate categories. You have the ability to select up to 3 categories for each product you list on Pass the Apple. For example, if you have a United States puzzle that you’d like to sell, you could choose Social Studies, First Grade, and Games & Puzzles. This way, your item can be pulled from multiple categories when buyers are looking for items for their classrooms.
  • Set a fair price for your item. We recommend offering items at least 50% off retail prices, depending upon the condition of the item and its popularity. You can even list items for free if you would like to.
  • Include your shipping costs. Sellers are responsible for including their cost of shipping in the item price. You’ll only have to ship items within the continental United States, so check with your preferred mailing service to figure out how much a particular item might ship for and add that cost to your total item price.
  • Take great photos of your item. Place the item somewhere with a clean backdrop and natural lighting, and photograph it from multiple angles. Be sure to get close-ups of any damage and highlight the most useful features of your item. Ideally, any item you post should have about 3-5 photos accompanying it.
  • Research the estimated retail value. Do a quick Google or Amazon search to see how much your item would sell for if it were new today.
  • Check in on your items regularly. If any of your items have taken more than 30 days to sell, it’s likely that you set the price too high. Try lowering the price and see what happens.
  • Ship your items promptly. When someone purchases an item that you’ve listed, try your best to get it in the mail within three business days. We will send you an email reminder to notify us when the item has shipped or if we should alert your buyer if they should expect a delay.
  • Be responsive. Pass the Apple might contact you to ask further questions about your items on behalf of a buyer. Be as quick in your responses as possible to help encourage timely sales.
  • Pack your items carefully. Putting a little TLC into your shipping will help ensure that items arrived in the same condition that you sent them. This will help you avoid unnecessary returns and costs.

Please Note: Educational materials and preschool teaching materials purchased with federal, state, or local district funds are not permitted for sale on Pass the Apple. As the seller, you must agree to the Pass the Apple Terms of Service.

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