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Giving Back with a Back to School Bash

Giving Back with a Back to School Bash

Here at Pass the Apple, we try to find ways to give back to teachers who put so much of their heart and soul into their classrooms. Of course, the main way that we do that is through our online marketplace. We help teachers earn back money for supplies they no longer need while, at the same time, making those supplies more affordable for the next generation of teachers.

Teachers who are dedicated and innovative give their students the best possible learning environments. So really, by helping teachers we’re trying to help the students who rely on them, too.

This summer, we were looking for churches and community groups that do community outreach to help local children. Then one day we were contacted by, Out of Love Ministries in Atlanta, GA. We recently partnered with them for a Back to School Bash which provided inner city kids with much-needed school supplies and a bagged lunch. Out of Love Ministries is a new church in Northeast Atlanta, always looking for ways to help serve the community. It was a blessing for Pass the Apple to help such a wonderful ministry. You can learn more about the Out of Love Ministries and make a donation on their website here. Pastor Foster is doing amazing work! 

July 30, 2016-Out of Love Ministries preparing to bless the inner city of Atlanta with food, school supplies, and love:-)

If you have a community project or a classroom project that we might be able to help with, we’d love to hear from you. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and we want to be part of your village. We’re open to supporting projects from religious groups, schools, city councils, as well as individual parents and teachers. Send us an email -- we’d love to talk to you!

At Pass the Apple, we strive to make a positive impact and aim to give back. We recently had the great privilege of teaming up with Out of Love Ministries. The group held a Back to School Bash and we provided discounted school supplies which were given out to inner city children in Atlanta, GA. It was a true blessing to contribute. If you'd like to learn more about this cause, please visit:


Don’t forget that we also partner with to support the projects of our Pass the Apple community. If you have a project in need of support, we’d love to hear about it. Or, if you want to support other teacher’s projects, simply round up your purchases on Pass The Apple to the next dollar. Those leftover cents will be collected and donated to a worthy Pass the Apple member's project.

We’re always looking for ways to better support both teachers and their students. That’s how we... Pass the Apple!


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